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Monday, August 26, 2013

Village ice cream!

So after my hubby worked so hard to fix my car, i figured what better treat then some homemade ice cream? And off we went to village ice cream. We had never been there before so finding the place was a little difficult, however once we found it - love at first site! 

The atmosphere is so welcoming, it's where you want to be on a warm summer night. We showed up around 8:30pm on a Monday night to see a line up out the door, but don't let this deter you those ice cream scoopers are speedy. I ordered the Phil and Sebastian coffee ice cream and nat ordered the salted caramel, of course grab it all in their home made waffle cones which you can smell cooking as you walk in. 

The ice cream is divine, creamy and flavourful. The coffee ice cream was just as I hoped, it tasted like the perfect cup of coffee sweet,creamy without any bitterness. Nathan's salted caramel ice cream was totally addictive. Again served at the perfect consistency, and so creamy. It had the most amazing caramel taste with a kick of saltiness that lingered on your taste buds. It was a true harmony of sweet and savoury!

We will be visiting again soon, as I need to try all flavours so I can chose my favourite :) 

So go check them out especially before summer ends!

Stay hungry Calgary! 

The Calgary foodie ;)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The District

Last night my little sister and I were looking for a relaxing place for a little girl talk. We weren't really feeling wine so I said lets go to district, we hopped in down and fantastic. The drink specials are excellent; we were there Tuesday so Peach Whiskey Smash it was. You can drink these things like water, so delish. Last night they had pear and it lived up to the peach easy. Tangy, sweet and a little bite and the end they made our night. And at $4.75 a pop you can gobble up as much as you can handle.

We wanted something to nosh on, so as we scan the chalked walls you can smell they mouth watering aromas flooding out of the kitchen. My sister saw bucket of bacon w/ Quebec Maple Syrup and decided that was non optional, we also chose the mussels in chorizo and tomato’s sauce, as well as the Yam fries served with a delicious aioli dip. We could barely hold back from licking the bowls (well at least all of them). Our choices flowed perfectly together, the bacon, perfectly seared just enough to add bacons traditional crunch but not too much as to spoil its savory goodness. The Maple syrup is pair beautifully, lightly dip and your balance of savory and sweet is achieved!

The mussels were more my non optional choice, however as they come piping hot in a large bowl you can't help but be excited. They are steamed to perfection, as a light tomato sauce surrounds them. The spice of the chorizo sausage completes the mussle’s, which have a beautiful texture. Acidic is very well balanced and its all served with a chunk of focaccia bread for you to swip up every last drop of that magnificent broth. Lastly were the Yam Fries, they are crispy outside soft on the inside, do you need anything more. Well maybe, the aioli dip that serves these babies up is creamy, rich and full of freshness. It brings added personality to your fries that go so perfectly with your meal or just on their own.

We talked up a storm added another drink and then decided on dessert. Decedent gelato was next and when if comes with flavors like salty peanut and honey, rich vanilla or coco chip you know its going to be good. You receive a fair portion for about 6 bucks, it's so creamy and flavorful your will want more than one nap at this gelato goodness.

All of our food costs $50.00 bucks, which is most likely the most exciting part. The District is a super chill, super delish place to go. It's all the “chill” you like at your local bar but with all the greatness of truly good food. Tons of Organic and Gluten free options, plus fantastic drink specials everyday of the week. Try out their bacon Caesars on Sundays or stop by on a Saturday afternoon for one of their mouth watering salads. Overall this is going to be your go to spot from now on for sure!

Stay Hungry Calgary!


Monday, October 17, 2011


If you haven't heard Calgary has had a new food boom happening lately...it has not only exploded among us foodies lovers but even those traditional diners have agreed this is off the hook - Food Trucks!

Yup they are here have been for a couple months and I think its safe to say they are here to stay. I have tried almost every single one, and I of course have my absolute favorites today I wish to tell you all about one of the all stars BLAMWICH. Yes you said it right, blam-wich. They make sandwiches and I know what you’re thinking...it’s a sandwich. Well let me correct you it’s an out of this world, out of body, omg -its-so-good sandwich and you are gunna be back!

I have had three now and I intend on just continuing my way through the menu. Bacon my friends is what its all about and they do it right. You haven't even had a BLT until you've let Blamwich fix you up with their bacon storm...storm it is. Bacon, bacon, bacon and then some more freakin bacon. Don't let this little piggy packed wich scare you away ...it is beautifully complimented by crisp lettuce, fresh, cool tomato and all held together by a bun that will leave you....drooling. (Seriously blamwich were do you get your buns from I need to get my hands on some)

But ok, I know everyday sitting in an office... and you want to stuff me Full of bacon in girl math that doesn't add up. So let them show you another side of it all hypocrite...no seriously the sandwich is called a hypocrite and its packed with veggies. Fresh spinach and warm veggies on top your inner tree hugger will...well hug you i guess :p

Lastly my all time fav is the Mario, there’s a little Italian in all of us and its gunna want a Mario. Olives, artichoke hearts, meat, cheese and that bun...you cannot go wrong!

It's all there for the taking and only 8 bucks! So get on board already its time to find the truck!

Stay hungry Calgary


Joyce on 4th

While wandering among one of our fav Calgary neighborhoods’ we had a hankering for some pub food. We stopped in to Joyce on 4th and were pleasantly surprised by this place. I have heard some iffy reports in previous times but we thought what the heck lets giver a go, and glad we did!

Upon arrival this place was buzzing, hockey games about to start had an excited crowd ready for shots and score boards. We found out they have excellent specials, both drink and food specials were on till 8 as well (perfect for your hockey game snacker’s). After receiving our drinks, our excellent waitress came around to take our food orders. When the food came it was hot and fresh we really enjoyed the wide variety of food available.

Overall I would say give it another try, I have read some pretty unhappy people however every place has there ups and downs...

Check them out...maybe for your next hockey game pub stop :)

Stay hungry Calgary


Niko's Bistro Kensington

We all have one, that one restaurant that we go to when we feel like relaxing, having a meal we know will be every bit of the amazing we are hoping for. The one restaurant where you feel taken care of, where you feel that you have just had dinner with family, where you can't wait to come in again!
Well Nikos Bistro in Kensington Calgary, is just that place! Reservations are highly recommended but it was our lucky night and we got in without them. We were seated at a small table, just for two and from the moment we were seated to the moment we left the dining experience was phenomenal.

This small little restaurant is packed with authentic flavors, fantastic staff and a beautiful owner who truly loves his work. Italian is where it is at here at Niko's. We had polished off more food then you can imagine and it all began with our appies. Bruschetta and warm bread with nice big glasses of wine was the beginning of our evening. It was fresh, and packed with flavor. It wasn't long before it was gone however being that Niko is one of the best hosts you will find we actually received a refill of bruschetta...have you ever heard of something so unbelievable and amazing!

After getting over the shock of being asked "would you two like more bushetta?", which came with an immediate Yes! Please! of course. We ordered our meals. We both received the specials for that night - Veal.

Our meals were a large portion; more generous than expected especially for the price. It came with rich pasta and veggies. We could not keep up with the food coming to our table, more bread, more wine, glass of water, more bruschetta ... it was as if we came over to a family’s home.

Dessert looked beautiful, elegant and fresh however we could not handle one more bite. Our bill was a modest amount; we took a 3rd, 4th, 5th look to ensure it was ours.

We couldn't be happier with our dinner that evening!

Be sure to stop on by... your dinner family waits :)

Stay hungry Calgary

Rach xo

Monday, June 27, 2011


It is a really unique place, and who doesn't crave a Cream Puff every now and again!
The place is really well decorated has a vintage decor feeling. They are really informative and you get to pick your cream filling flavors so how can you go wrong!
We tried everything from chocolate to coconut and more they are really good. The pastry is fluffy and crispy on the outside. The filling is fresh and cold, you can really taste the flavors of your filling as well.
I would go back and eat some more. Also a great thing to get for company!

Enjoy and Stay Hungry Calgary!

The Calgary Foodie!

Cruffs, The House of Cream Puffs on Urbanspoon

Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus

This little place is easy to miss and hard to resist!
The endlessly busy Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus is a new favorite in the family. We really wanted a yummy breakfast and stopped on by the Pannenkoek Haus. We were really surprised at how busy it is, the entire time there was a steady line up.

After we were seated, we quickly ordered some coffee, and had a great cup of coffee. Served with a ginger cookie, it's dark in body and flavorful! Plus the waitress's are relentless at making sure your cup is full - Fabulous service needless to say!

Overlooking the menu, the options make your head spin. They all sound amazing from savory to sweet, warm blueberries and ice cream to bratwurst and sauerkraut, there is something for everyone. I had ordered the warm Saskatoon Berry, and Nathan ordered the month special.

The food comes out fairly quickly especially when you consider the amount of orders they have. It's served on a large plate, and piping hot - Dig In!
Sprinkled with icing sugar, the warm Saskatoon berries are not too jam like. You get whole berries in a great glaze, served on top of a perfectly cooked crepe. It doesn't seem like it will fill you up but don't be fooled these things are filling. It was refreshing, sweet, fruity completely delish!

The monthly special is making with bratwurst, shredded potato and Edam cheese. The crepe isn't soggy or clumped with ingredients. It tastes amazing! I was a bit jealous. The sausage is thin sliced and scattered all over so you get a bit in every bite. The cheese is mild and provides a great salty element. It is served with spicy mustard and sauerkraut...perfect acidity and spice!

Overall I would make this a must try on your list bring your family and friends as well they will love it!

Enjoy and Stay hungry Calgary!

The Calgary Foodie!

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