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Monday, June 27, 2011


It is a really unique place, and who doesn't crave a Cream Puff every now and again!
The place is really well decorated has a vintage decor feeling. They are really informative and you get to pick your cream filling flavors so how can you go wrong!
We tried everything from chocolate to coconut and more they are really good. The pastry is fluffy and crispy on the outside. The filling is fresh and cold, you can really taste the flavors of your filling as well.
I would go back and eat some more. Also a great thing to get for company!

Enjoy and Stay Hungry Calgary!

The Calgary Foodie!

Cruffs, The House of Cream Puffs on Urbanspoon


Minh and Sandy said...

We went the Cruffs after a friend told us it was good. It was horrible!! The worst pastry I ever tasted. It’s overpriced and the size is way too small.

Cream was at room temperature!!!! Crust felt hard, by the time we got home, it was soggy. Wasted of time and money! .. not recommended at all.

If you ever gone to the west (Vancouver) try out Beard Papa’s! .. This copy cat doesn’t come close.


Rach said...

That's a really bad experience hopefully they read it and take notes. We had went when cuffs was just opened so maybe they're service has went down hill since :(
I will for sure try that place in Vancouver when I'm down there next Thanks for the suggestion!! And for your comments super cool!


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