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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jimmy make me another!

Cheap eats are all about real food for a fabulous price and no one really does it like Jimmy's!

This deli is a Calgary favorite, the piles of meat thinly layered and layered on all your favorite veggies covered in a delish sauce is what is made up of this spicy, messy, meaty donair ; there is no denying Jimmy's know how to make you happy. They slow cook it all, and they're in house made salads and sides are all unbelievable. Whether it’s your first time there or like myself it’s your weekly favorite this donair will never do you wrong.

The portions are large I can't eat more than a medium and that’s if I have not eaten ALL day! To end this remarkable meal, finish off with a piece of the baklava, sweet, syrupy goodness cover this flaky pastry and I would be shocked if you can stop at one!

It’s a great deal, and most importantly it’s a great meal, take a look and stop in to see for yourself!!

Calgary Foodie!

Jimmy's A&A Mediterranean Deli on Urbanspoon


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