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Monday, April 4, 2011

Holy smoke Barbecue and Smoke Pit

Angels sing over this magnificent masterpiece, a master piece of melt in your mouth meats, bbq sauces that will take your mouth on a magic carpet ride and all this jammed packed into a soft bun ladies and gentlemen let me present Holy Smoke Barbecue and Smoke Pit. The simplicity of southern food is not comparable, it’s home grown, made with love and more often than now smothered in bbq sauce. My husband and I have been looking for a place like this only ever finding them in the States we are delighted to have this little piece of heaven practically in our backyard.
Not exactly where you would expect to find a restaurant, this old garage is just pumping out fantastic food!
We ordered one Pulled pork and one beef brisket, both were undeniably amazing. On the pulled pork my husband enjoyed an apple bbq sauce it was so flavorful, sweet and tangy just great! The pork was so tender practically evaporated it was so light and the flavor consisted of meaty Smokey goodness - you’re not going to forget that. My beef brisket was excellent to say the least. Beefy, tender, Smokey and just covered in their house bbq sauce the buns are perfect size and keep it all together and don’t over power the point of the sandwich. We also enjoyed some of their $1 buck ribs! And people can we get anything better. These are meaty Smokey and really tasty add your fav bbq sauce and your set. To finish it all off a little corn bread, its sweet tasting with a great firm texture. The corn bread can completely stand up against all the other flavors it’s not overpowered at all by any of the smokiness its diffidently something to try!

Overall my review is to walk over - let me rephrase this RUN over to Holy Smoke BBQ and nab one of their amazing sandwiches sit down in the relaxing down home diner and enjoy what love and a little bbq sauce has to offer!

Calgary Foodie!!

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