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Monday, March 28, 2011

Avocado on 17th Ave.....

We were hungry and could not for the life of us decide where to go. My husband pulled the car over and said "let's just walk around". We ended up on 17th at Avocado, now I have been to an Avocado in the far south of Calgary around Heritage and it was great. This however was not even close to my previous Avocado encounters. We walk in to find the place practically empty, which is fine I suppose. However finding the staff hiding in the back, or sitting with the only group eating there to talk isn’t exactly what I would find to be welcoming or professional, I felt like I was entering an unsupervised classroom then a restaurant. We were told to just pick a spot, so we did...after a while our waitress came around. She was actually delightful, really helpful, and talkative she was the only thing that is making this review somewhat good.
The menus are small, and I found confusing. Having half the words written on the menu vertically makes it hard to read. Along with this, they had maybe 4 dinner entrees then we found out you are allowed to order from the "lunch menu" anytime even though it’s under "lunch". Simply choosing our meal was irritating but again tolerable - Food is always my deciding factor!
We ordered the burritos, mine was with chicken and yam fries. My husband’s was a beef/steak burrito and fries. The food came and we each received one small burrito cut in half with a small bowl of fries along with it. Now my burrito was bland, the avocado was brown and mushy, my fries were mostly burnt and so over cooked it was like noshing on small pencils. My husband’s was primarily lettuce, now honestly nothing annoys me more than having a meal ordered and if being stuffed with filler foods like lettuce, with your main ingredients skimped on. To finish it all off paying 40 bucks for a meal that left me  unsatisfied, hungry and truly annoyed with my entire experienced made me just want to go home.

Overall everything I look for from a restaurant was a big fail. The atmosphere was horrible, the food was bland and confusing the only decent comment towards it all was the waitress we did have a really nice and happy. I would say to save your money, or go to the other great restaurants that can be found down the street.

The Calgary Foodie.

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