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Monday, May 9, 2011

Not so Great!

I will say I "liked" this restaurant because the food was pretty good and the location is so cute and welcoming. However would I bring my friend's over to this place, or recommend this place I don't think I would do.
Now like I said location is great and the building itself is nice, welcoming and warm. I saw this place a few times and finally decided to go. We got seated fairly quickly for a Sunday morning and the menu is pretty good. You can order everything from Mimosa’s to they’re giant cups of coffee and add a little Bailys in there too :)

We ordered and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. Now I understand that waitresses have a lot to take care of however we waited for 2 hrs for an omelet and a breakfast wrap. Our waitress continued to stop by for coffee fill-ups but and kept assuring us the food was coming. Yet, as we saw people that had been seated after us receive food, then pay, then leave we had started for get really frustrated.

Finally she came and asked us what our orders were again, told us oh they are coming and 2 hrs later they arrived. The food was good nothing amazing but it was good. The only thing is after wasting over 2 hrs sitting around waiting for it I realized I just should have made my own eggs at home. I was really disappointed; I really had high hopes for the place.

When we finished and got the bill we paid for it all. Now I'm more than willing to pay, and pay nicely for a good meal, but when the restaurant screws up - Fix it.

I totally understand things happen, stuff gets mixed up and that's ok. But when you've made a mistake make the customer happy give them a percentage off, or something. By doing that you are showing that you acknowledge that’s not how your business wishes to conduct themselves and you want your customer to come back.

Overall out of 10 I would have given the Food about an 8, location 9 everything else not even cutting a 4. I really hoped for better experiences with the restaurant, but that's how the cookie crumbles.

So enjoy and stay hungry Calgary!

The Calgary Foodie!

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