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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Classic Doughnut with a Twist

Now I know what you thinking, "It’s a Doughnut!" but let me remind you with this did we ever think the day would come where a Gourmet Cup Cake could change our worlds? Making a typical Monday night you’re most icing packed night ever? I didn't think so, but here we are Monday nights watching our Canada Top Chefs and gobbling up our favorite cupcakes. (Well that how it goes in our house).
So saying "it's just a doughnut" - No, let me correct you it's a Jelly Modern Doughnut and its gourmet as gourmet comes. My favorite is where it's at; the soft, fluffy doughnut is dipped in a brown maple glaze topped with crumbled valbella bacon. Most people do not associate bacon with their favorite doughnut however the relationship with maple and bacon is something us Canadians are very familiar with. The perfect balance of salty and sweet is beautiful and now you put it on a doughnut it's amazing!

Next Peanut Butter Cup doughnut is dipped in Peanut butter ganache, they now hand filled the doughnut with a peanut cream filling completely finished with a perfect crunch of salted organic peanuts. The cream is delish nothing that I have had before. The topping of peanuts are the perfect crunchy texture it's up there for top favorites!
I also had the Classic Jelly, it’s dipped in a Madagascar Vanilla Glaze which alone is fantastic but to complete your decadent treat it is hand filled with a housemade, yes housemade Jelly you just cannot go wrong. The Coconut doughnut, dunked in a coconut milk glaze, then hand filled with a coconut pastry crème that they make in house. They top it all with sweetened white coconut. It's a really nice one, not to sweet but very flavorful!

Last but diffidently not least the valrhona chocolate doughnut. Dipped in a rich, velvet chocolate with little chocolate shavings it’s sinful, wash them all down with a glass of milk served fresh with your doughnuts and you are well on your way to a NEW Thursday night tradition...Doughnut night!

 Prices are very decent and the offer even more flavors. Go on down and check them out! I will be back sometime soon for sure!

 Enjoy and stay hungry Calgary

 The Calgary Foodie!

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