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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bookers Crab and BBQ!

I have heard of this place for a while, however I have a list of about 4 pages of "have to go places" so when I having a serious craving for ribs and seafood I thought let’s give it a go!Oh and was it great! We went on a Saturday night and let me tell you this place is a rockin! We did not have a reservation but they squeezed us in anyway. The staff was great; there is really an excellent vibe there!
We ordered Caesars which were fantastic, spicy, flavorful, great size and really reasonable price. Looking at the menu you will find something to tickle your fancy.

There is the BBQ side of things where you will be completely delighted by the wide range of bbq favorites. Brisket, ribs, chicken or tenderloin they are all there and all made with excellent ingredients. Served with sides like mash, beans and biscuits you can't go wrong.
Bring the sailor out in you and nosh on some of the good stuff (in my opinion) the seafood again is served in a variety of dishes. The Jambalaya gives you a little bit of everything, chicken; shrimp and sausage grace the top of fluffy rice and Creole sauce. Take on the king crab or snow crab this is so buttery and decadent, so fresh! There are also salmon and fish and chips!

The menu goes on with burger options, salad and more. Although there are many great options it is not scattered and confusing. Its Mardi gras people, fun, spicy just downright great food!

We had ordered the Bookers Platter! And it was perfect, for 65 bucks you get a little bit of everything. It comes with snow crab, and ribs. The crab as I mentioned before is really impeccable. You can't find great seafood in Calgary very often, but this was buttery, rich, flaky and light I could have eaten way more ( which I plan to at the all you can eat crab Sunday nights) the ribs are very tasty. They come fall off the bone, flavorful and you get alot of them!The baked beans are amazing, for those who have not found the beauty in a bowl of baked beans head over to bookers. It will blow your mind; they were almost gone as fast as the crab and ribs!

Along with it all the dueling pianos makes from a great night out! Its fun and casual, but you’re going to have a fun time. Good music, great food, excellent staff I really don’t have much more else to say - but really could you ask for more!
www.bookersbbq.com for reservations and information!

Enjoy and Stay hungry Calgary!

The Calgary Foodie!

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