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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Los Tortillas

So I am STILL on the hunt for a favorite place to get some Mexican Eats. It’s proving to be harder than you would think. So we heard about this place from some people and decided to check it out. It is really easy to find, they're hours are pretty good as well.
 We walked in its kind of dungeon like fairly dark...I wasn't all that detoured so we ordered. They have a menu of Chicken, shrimp, beef, and chorizo tacos. They are all $4.00; we ordered 2 chicken 1 beef 1 chorizo. They are made on the spot...I couldn't really see everything and I heard a microwave I normally don't even like seeing a microwave in a restaurant. Few mins later we received our tacos, and we ordered them to-go. We ate in the car, although there is seating available inside.
The food was decent, it had good spice the meat was fully cooked and I liked the corn tortillas they use. However they were not great. I wasn't overly impressed and they claim it is all authentic. I have friends from Mexico and they don't make them quite like that. They were also very small, I'm a little person and I could have eaten about 6 or 7 my hubby could have eaten way more than that and at 4.00 bucks a pop you could be looking at $20.00 or more and for me it’s just not that good.

I won't say this place is horrible but I wouldn't really recommend it either. Needless to say I'm still looking.

Enjoy and Stay hungry Calgary!

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