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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Spice Hut

The Spice Hut!

The Spice Hut is a great little place in the N.E specializing in Pakistani cuisine. This place is small blink and you’ll miss it but inside its packed with excellent, authentic food and a great staff!
My husband and I were a bit hesitant but after some had said it’s a great place to go, we thought ok let’s try it! We walked in the aroma was all the convincing I needed, we were wonderfully welcomed and given a menu. We ordered take out, which has no less of a grand variety of choices. We immediately saw how reasonable the prices were. I have been to too many East Indian restaurants where I have practically had to hand over my first born just to enjoy lunch!
We picked the first combo for 2 for $25.00. It was phenomenal, all coming in large quantities we received Kabab & Vegetable Pakoras, Butter Chicken, Lamb Curry, 2 Rice ,1 Naan  and 2 Litre Drink. It was all fantastic, all I can say is you might want to order two of the naan bread! When you smell it as they make it in front of you, and then when you taste it, it’s not something you will want to share!

Spice hut has become one of our top restaurants and that’s not an easy list to make! We will be back Spice Hut,

Your Calgary Foodie!

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